Jelly Yussifage A Corsica Zamp'ana Jewelly!

Plants used in this recipe: Tussilage (Tussilago farfara), Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), agar agar (seaweed extract (Gelidium) and (Gracilaria)).
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Royal asparagus for Easter, hunting is open!

Plants used in this recipe: white asparagus (Asparagus albus), salicornia (Salicornia), obione (Halimione or Atriplex). 1H Preparation Time. Cooking Time 13mn.
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Raw cheesecake sticks. Recipe of the novice Ki komance? Mikadou Mikamais way ...!

Plants used in this recipe: Thistle (Galactites elegans), wild mustard, olive, vine, lemon tree. Preparation time 20 minutes
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Roll of salmon caught in the nets of the cleavers, mustard caviar sauce and verjuice!

Plants used in this recipe: cleavers graterone, wild mustard, olive, oxalis. Preparation Time 10 minutes Cooking Time 5 minutes
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Mimosa jelly A Corsic'ana Mimusà Flowers Jewelly!

Recipe of a jelly of silver or winter mimosa flowers (Acacia dealbata). In Corsica we call this plant, mimosà or mimusà!
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Fish balls with lemon balm seasoned with mimosa and oxalis verjuice!

Fish balls with lemon balm, garlic triqueter (Corsican u sambulu or agliu) accompanied by sauces verjuice (oxalis) and diluted mimosa jelly.
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Crunchy and crisp stalks of wild mustard!

Crunchy and crisp stalks of wild mustard! Crunchy and crispy!
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Parietaria Infusion by U Pastore A.Tchoumi ..!

Infusion with stalks, Sciappa petra, vitriola
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« Ramen » au 13 herbes pour la chandeleur!

Ramen-style invigorating broth with rice vermicelli and herbs!
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