Regulation of the picking of non-cultivated plants in Corsica

The list of protected and forbidden plants for picking by order

List of protected plant species in Corsica by prefectural decree

List of protected plant species throughout the French metropolitan area by national order

Le authorization scheme

The authorization scheme, otherwise known as regulation "picking", which includes mushrooms, lily of the valley and many species regularly harvested for various uses.

Collection of non-cultivated plants and mushrooms is allowed, constitutes a tolerance and not a right. This tolerance is, however, widely applied to unclosed plots and since there is no specific regulation (eg natural reserve, biotope protection order, etc.), nor any particular display prohibiting harvesting directly or indirectly. Even if on the properties of the public domain, the products of the ground belong only to their owner.

Le protection regime

The strict protection regime for "Protected species (listed on the" wheel list ") prohibits certain activities and a Ministerial Order, which defines the list of protected species for the whole of France, distinguishes two lists of species:

1 ° Annex I identifies a list of strictly protected species,

2 ° Annex II concerns species of which certain activities are prohibited, others being subject to authorization.

A specific decree concerns marine species and there are decrees supplementing the national list for each administrative region, particularly the overseas communities where the environmental code applies only partially. The orders define prohibited activities (cutting, destruction, picking, grubbing up, sale, purchase ...) as far as non-cultivated specimens are concerned. The production and sale of cultivated specimens of the species listed in Annex II is also subject to authorization.

The texts of law:

National decree:

Order of 20 January 1982 fixing the list of protected plant species throughout the territory Consolidated Version 14 February 2018

Prefectural decrees in Corsica

Order of 24 June 1986 relating to the list of protected plant species in Corsica completing the national list

Order of 2009 amending the list of species referred to in the order of 1989

Prefectural decree for regulated plant species in Southern Corsica

Prefectural decree for regulated plant species in Haute Corse

Note that in article 2 of the Corsican prefectural decree, it is indicated that "Due to the existence of customs or local tolerances, the family gathering of the plant species mentioned in Article 1er is authorized in the limit of 1 liter per person per day, subject to respect for private property and regulations for the protection of natural areas "

The status of gatherer of wild plants:

The Wild Plant Breeder Status Act

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